Toronto-based band Weaves have delivered new visuals for "bent pop" single 'One More.' In the desert, rocking a housecoat and some pom-poms, the collective is surely building hype for the release of their self-titled debut album on June 17.

"We made this video while on our first American tour, guitarist Morgan Waters told The Fader. "We didn't know if we were going to kill each other, being stuck in a van together the whole time. We shot this video by ourselves in Rock City, New Mexico in the middle of our drive from Toronto to Los Angeles. We're Canadians, we had to get to know the desert the old fashioned way: with pom poms and a video camera. I filmed Jasmyn from the back of the van as we both yelled at Spencer to drive the right speed while Zach did playback and offered moral support. We smelled burning and assumed it was the smell of America but the mechanic told us the emergency brake was stuck."