While the clamour for '90s emo buzz icons Weezer has certainly found steep decline in the band's latter years, the outfit keeps churning out new material. 'Lonely Girl' is the newest in an ever-growing line of singles from the upcoming Everything Will Be Alright In The End, Weezer's ninth studio LP and first in four years. And while the excitement for the band maybe reached its zenith a few years back, there's been some undeniable charm in its newest singles.

'Lonely Girl', which follows the previously released 'Back To The Shack', 'Cleopatra', and 'The British Are Coming', and a portion of 'Da Vinci', is a mature dig from seemingly from the band's beloved Pinkerton days, although it may be something of a sin to compare anything new to the band's seminal 1996 LP. Rivers Cuomo harps loneliness from both sides, saying, "I'm lonely/so lonely/can't you relate?" as a wishing introvert may so often do, fueled by the band's essential buzzy backing.

Listen to 'Lonely Girl' below and check out the band's previously schedule tour dates, beginning early October. Everything Will Be Alright in the End is out October 7th on Reprise Records.