Release date: (03/11/09) Website: I have a sinking suspicion my former favourite cheesy rock band is trying to get me to listen to r'n'b. Whilst inwardly I gnash my teeth and hum 'Only in Dreams', I will try to remain objective here. It's always difficult trying to review a band you're more than a little attached to, but here goes. There's a point where irony is a little too ironic, and it's often around the “seventh album and we're all getting older” mark that you realise a band has forgotten where the line exactly lies. Weezer have started sounding like poorly patched-together “mainstream” rock, the kind that your parents will happily have on in the car. They were always in many ways a concept band, trying to stress the experimental side of their music, and this is still clear. However the 'dance/rap' based tracks employing synth over the traditional bouncy Weezer drum-beats and some residue of riffing are horrifically shaky, and the more traditional quiet-loud guitar rock sounds amateurish and predictable. Considering their ironic take on interweb counter-culture in [i]Red[/i] it seems like a horrific three-point-turn into a mediocrity cul-de-sac. They still encompass the incredibly self-assured and happy vibe of previous albums, although the dynamic of their music has become focused around a strange boy-meets-girl-and-gets-girl-and-also-is-a-successful-rock-star feel instead of the familiar 'I'm too much of a geek to get a girl, but it's ok' attitude we're used to. It's the sound of selling out. That said, there are still some sweet, touching bubblegum-America moments, such as 'Put me back together' and 'Let it all hang out', but these are achingly brief. There's none of the subtlety you used to find tucked away on [i]Blue[/i] or even [i]Make Believe[/i], but they still have the incredible ability to come up with a hook in almost every song. However, all of the standout guitar riffs and thrumming bass that used to define their sound have disappeared under Rivers' lyrics. They still encompass that toe-tapping formula which, despite the cringe-worthy lyrics, will probably have you hollering along to every annoying word. Yes they're catchy, but I resent them for it. Singles will no doubt be chosen based on their ability to be lodged permanently in your cerebellum. Generally, based on their previous eclectic, genuine, unusual, and inspiringly bizarre songwriting, this is truly disappointing. Rating:4/10 What say you on this?Sound off in our Fourum!