Telling a stranger that you’re a Weezer fan usually elicits the same kind of expression you might expect to find on the faces of onlookers shortly after watching a child fall over. It’s a hard road we’ve chosen to follow, mainly due to the bipolar range of releases we’ve received from everyone’s geeky school friend Rivers Cumo and co, but recently things have been looking up. 2014’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End flashed with the kind of self-deprecating three-and-half minute wonders that we’ve been waiting for since 2009, and last year we were blessed with the most consistently listenable album Weezer have released in literally a decade. The eyebrows of long-suffering soft rock fans the world over collectively raised as they explained to friends and family that the White Album was, like, actually really good.

We entered 2017 and the rumours of an imminent new Weezer album were generally met with excitement, which made the pain oh so much worse when fans were subjected to the train crash of a single ‘Feels Like Summer’. The track sounds like a dodgy outtake from a long-since panned 2006 Bruno Mars single. Once again, Weezer fans recoiled. If this is just the first single, what the hell are we in for when the album drops? Today the band officially confirmed the release date of their 11th studio album titled Pacific Daydream (due out on October 27th) and dropped yet another single. To the relief of those on the verge of giving up any hopes of the band ever returning to form, 'Mexican Fender' actually sounds like a Weezer song. Granted, the track sticks so rigidly to the basic guidelines of a pop song that it fails to gain any momentum whatsoever and noticeably tones down the fuzzy guitar licks of Weezer’s better fan favourites, but it doesn’t feature any pitch shifting, EDM flourishes or vomit-inducing echoed piano hooks. The highest honour that I can award 'Mexican Fender' is that like so many of its predecessors, it will fade into the quagmire of unremarkable Weezer songs without sticking out like an eyesore (I’m looking at you, 'Feels Like Summer').

Listen to 'Mexican Fender' below.