Welcome to the new 405 website! A lot of love/time/hardworking has gone into making this website, and none of it would have been possible without the very talented PANDR team (Rob Barwell and Peter Roome). We've said it on numerous occasions before, but we really wouldn't be where we are right now if it wasn't for their help. So a huge thank you goes out to them.

Secondly we wanted to take this time to properly thank the people that have made the last 3 years so much fun. We didn't get a chance to do so last month during our birthday week, so it seems appropriate to do so now.

Stacey (The Art Of...), Stagecoach, Kev Douch, Sarah Richardson, EYOE, Sandra Croft, Charleston, Jack 'Pop' Clothier, Matt Brown, Andy 3yllables Records, Annette Lee, Woody, Jamie Summers, Adam Royal, Alison Millar, Claire Lim (and Paul abof), Glasgow Podcart, Debbie Ball, Adam Gnade, Tilly Kneale, Jack Thomas, Hari Ashurst, Drew (and Truck people), Joe Shiavon, Rhian Emanuel, Gillian Million, Anthony GDLI, Hannah Cox, Tamara 6 Day Riot, Matthew Maxey, Holly Appleton, Ivano Maggiulli, Luke Jarvis, Manish Agarwal, Roz Mansfield, Mark Jigsaw, Mimas, Martin Hjorth, Zoe Miller, Nita Keeler, Ollie McCormack, Patrick Johnson, Paul Sandell, Old Blue Last, Stuart Davie, Rich Walker, Duke Raoul, Rhianon Davies, Richard Hanscomb, Alice French, Tasha Anderson, Cath Hurley, Daniel Gill, James Penycate, Lucy Hurst, Anna Meacham, Dan Griffiths, Hannah Moth, Hannah Gould, Sam Hesketh, Ash Dosanjh, Chrissie Bang On, John Morgan, Kyle Ellison, Lauren Barley, Lucius, Vez, Lazy Acre Records, Leeor Brown, Ben Eshmade, Chris Cuff, Natasha Parker, David Clifford, John Power, Vanessa Cotton Ben Winbolt-Lewis, Carina Bang On, Keong Woo, Bruce Hay, Simon Glacken, Camille Augarde, Kate Price, Team Me, Sebastian Reynolds, Shain Shapiro and Nathaniel Cramp. (Sorry If we've left anyone out!)

Thirdly, thanks to all the lovely people that come to the site every day, send us twitter messages and push us to get better. I'd like to think we'd be doing this even if nobody came to the site, but it really is awesome that a lot of you seem to like what we do, so thanks so much for that.

Lastly we wanted to point out that we're still dealing with some database issues in terms of images for older posts and punctuation bugs, but we'll be sorting that out over time. We'd also like to mention that this website is the foundation of what we want to achieve, so consider this phase one. We'll be adding lots of stuff to the site over the course of the year and plan on making this site as good as it can be.

That's our Oscar speech over and done with!

To celebrate our new site, our friends over at Eat Your Own Ears have very kindly given us a couple of tickets to Field Day to give away. All you need to do is watch the following video and tell us who the band are (It's pretty simple).

Send you answers to thefouroh5@gmail.com

Team 405 xxx