YouTube's newest music channel, O2 Academy TV, is here. In support of the hottest touring artists and bands across the globe, the channel is bolstered by a network of 16 venues across the UK and fuelled by an underlying calling to create a virtual loudspeaker that spotlights the world's most unique musical talent.

As they expand their voice in the world of music, O2 Academy TV is dedicated to highlighting live music talent through backstage chats and behind the scenes musical antics. They've found the direct route to the world's greatest artists and speak to a multi-dimensional audience fully flavoured with niche underground sounds right through to premium mainstream bands.

'Welcome to Blighty' is the channel's new series created by VICE/Noisey. The first to step up to the plate is melody maker and hip-hop superstar, Mac Miller. O2 Academy TV was willing to do just about the only thing known for getting to the heart of every male artist: food. They invite Mac Miller to sample some of the UK's finest culinary delicacies on the morning after his recent UK show. From dubbing the British royal family as "tight as hell", to giving a shout-out to one of UK's most beloved bread-spreads, Marmite - he pleads; "This is Satan, have you ever tasted Satan before?"

As Mac Miller lifts off each silver dish cover to revel in the mouth-watering meals, freshly prepared by the O2 Academy TV chefs, the course is only complete after its marked with a hearty and satisfying belch from the rapper.

The compliments don't stop here and as he commends 'Britain', particularly for the variety of flavours they have on offer, he has a momentary culinary epiphany; "I had some mature cheddar and I realized I had been eating this adolescent cheddar this whole time, this is the full grown, been through college, maybe in graduate school cheddar... with a family."

2014 will see O2 Academy TV become the loudest and most consistent voice in the world of online music channels. To find out what other flavour-flaves he sampled, head here for all the best in live music video content, brought to you by O2.

Welcome to Blighty, Welcome to O2 Academy TV.