Wendy Bevan just released her debut album, Rose & Thorn, which has been met with excited acclaim. Her sound could probably be best described as though Siouxsie Sioux and Depeche Mode had a child. That child would be Wendy Bevan.

Few songs in her arsenal highlight this better than 'Sweet Dedication,' a minimalist post-punk number that takes the genre hallmarks -- echo guitars, gothic vocals, synthesized percussion -- and elevates them via Bevan's remarkable song craft.

In the spooky video for the track, a series of striking, swirling images are presented to the viewer as Bevan croons about the emotional might of love and the many hardships it can bring. When the eerie organ takes center stage halfway through the strike, the images become increasingly muddled as the viewer sees a mixture of flowers, partygoers and the moon.

It is an appropriately "out there" video for this staggering new artist. 'Sweet Dedication' has something for everyone, including a badass new video.