I tried my hardest to find some background information on Wesley™. Besides his name (Wesley Wyrick) and city, Knoxville, TN, the best I can dig up through Google is a bandcamp page that features a ten track name your own price download, that based on my sampling and his new track 'Fuck Names', is worth grabbing and throwing some hard earned cash his way.

'Fuck Names' opens with brash distortion that melts away into a soft organ and skittish percussion. Beats bubble to the surface and the distortion washes in and out creating a very atmospheric track that flirts with dance music. The track is so engaging it could've gone on forever, but when it abruptly ends, it's like waking from a dream and you have to start it all over again. 'Fuck Names' is more ambient than the other tracks I sampled which delve more into club and dance music.

So take a listen to the mysterious Wesley™ track below. Highly recommended.