Wesley Gonzalez, whom you may know as the frontman of indie rockers Let's Wrestle, has announced he'll be putting out his debut solo album this summer.

Excellent Musician, which is due out on June 30th via Moshi Moshi, will feature the previously-shared 'I Spoke to Euan', one-half of the AA single he released last year, as well as the recently unveiled 'Exhibition Song', which you can stream below.

"I found a new way of working in the ‘First Thought, Best Thought’ manner," Gonzalez says of the album's recording process. "I purposefully didn’t allow any of the musicians playing on the record to hear much of the songs prior to the recording sessions, and instead asked them to just turn up on the day, forcing creativity to meet financial deadlines." He also adds that though his new sound is very different from what he did with Let's Wrestle, he still defines it as "angry music": "Whilst I’m proud of what I did with Let’s Wrestle, I hate bands that regurgitate the same sound over various LPs – I knew something had to change for me to want to try music again."

Wesley Gonzalez plays London's Waiting Room on May 4th; Excellent Musician's tracklist is as follows:

  • 1. 'An Adult'
  • 2. 'I Am A Telescope'
  • 3. 'Just The Same'
  • 4. 'Still Working On It'
  • 5. 'Just A Piece Of Mind'
  • 6. 'I Spoke To Euan'
  • 7. 'Exhibition Song'
  • 8. 'Cake On Your Birthday'
  • 9. 'Snake In The Grass'
  • 10. 'In Amsterdam'
  • 11. 'Don’t Try & Take Me Down'
  • 12. 'Not That Kind Of Guy'
  • 13. 'Quarantined River'