I feel like I'm being totally and utterly stupid when I say that I literally do not understand the title of this song. 'Notoms WALSH Tribute' – Is it a reference to 90210? Maybe. Maybe I just don't know enough about stuff.

Forgetting the title, this is an awesome bit of synthwork from Wesley™. It opens with same the brief (and… iconic…?) conversation that opens Brandy & Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine', then launches into a slo-house beat with squelchy synth bass that summons a foggy '80s-styled night-drive in a suped-up Ford Capri with a raucously sleek paintjob. A bleepsome synth lead dashes over the top for extra attitude, the whole track growing with intensity as it rolls towards its last few chilled seconds; rich and satisfying from start to finish.

I leave this wanting to become a getaway driver, and also wondering if 90210 really was the inspiration.