The last year or so has seen grime take exciting new forms; none more so than R&G - Rhythm & Grime - which has been adopted primarily by the new generation of younger MCs making a name for themselves. West London flag bearer GHSTLY, despite still only being 19, has been putting in the necessary work for what seems like longer than his 19 years, appearing on practically every single pirate radio station you can think of. Earlier this year, he took his unfiltered Grime sound to New York for a number of shows and performed his first headline show last year at London's Birthdays with the release of his Recon EP.

Celebrating 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, young GHSTLY released his second EP O, which refers to the missing moniker in his stage name. Produced entirely by Boss Mischief - who's quickly becoming R&G's go-to producer - the five-track collection reimagines five R&B/hip-hop classics into grime beats, including 50 Cent & Mobb Deep's 'Outta Control', SWV's 'Can We' and Missy Elliott's 'The Rain' which is the record used on 'Reign' and the one we've chosen to highlight from the pack. GHSTLY's quick-witted, skippy flow is in tip-top shape and is reminiscent of some of the Grime legends before him. But at the same time, he has a flow and delivery all his own that makes him one of the more exciting new talents in recent years. Wow!

The O EP is streaming now via SoundCloud and available as a free download from his official website.