Arriving on the scene in 2007, West London producer Nathan Jenkins - better known as Bullion - formally introduced himself with his very unconventional ode to both The Beach Boys and famed producer J Dilla with Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee. Since then, Jenkins has produced music through well-known labels like Young Turks, One-Handed Music, and R&S, and even worked alongside Damon Albarn for his project Africa Express. Years after forming DEEK, his own label, Jenkins is finally ready to introduce his official debut album Loop The Loop.

According to a press release, the new album's motif "was all about a pop sensibility," drawing inspiration from experimental pop acts like Can, Bebop Deluxe's Bill Nelson, Fred Frith, Devo, and Thomas Dolby. And with the announcement Jenkins introduced the album's title track, which comes with the help of Sampha, melting those crafty pop sensibilities with ambient and new wave mystique.

Listen to the album's title track below and pre-order the album at the official DEEK Store, iTunes, Amazon, and Rough Trade. Loop The Loop arrives February 26th.

Check out the tracklist below:

  • 1. Dip Your Foot
  • 2. Health
  • 3. My Lar
  • 4. Unless
  • 5. Self Capering
  • 6. Never Is The Change
  • 7. Speed
  • 8. Get To The Heart Of It
  • 9. Palm 2
  • 10. Peep Hole
  • 11. Loop The Loop
  • 12. It’s No Spirit
  • 13. FoYoc