We (and the rest of the music blogging community) have been eagerly awaiting what's to come from Brooklyn trio Wet since they released their debut EP back in 2014, and by the sounds of their new single 'Deadwater', their forthcoming debut album might be pretty special.

Out this Autumn through National Anthem/Columbia, Don't You will feature 11 poignant and emotional tracks built on minimalist electronica and incredible melodies courtesy of Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, alongside Kelly Zutrow's hushed, but confident vocals and heartbreaking lyrics ("if my legs were longer, they might carry us further / but we waited too long and so the task just gets harder"). The result is an awe-inspiring sound that's completely their own, and showcases what made them one of 2014's most talked-about acts in the industry and beyond.

Stream 'Deadwater' over at their website, cleverly named kanyewet.biz (or below).

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