For the first of our features where we ask some of our favourite artists that we haven’t heard a lot from what they’ve been up to and when we can hear them again we chose Ninja Tune god Yppah. After releasing two brilliant albums, the latest in Spring last year, we hadn’t heard a lot about him (at least until we heard the brilliant Day Of The Woman) and so we thought it would be nice to have a quick chat and see what’s up. Band: Yppah Last Release and date: They Know What Ghost Know – May 2009 Website: Myspace What have you been up to in the last 6 months? I've really just been focusing on the live band and working on the new album. We went on a short tour of the west coast in April, for BONOBO'S tour. That was really fun. Right now I'm in the process of rehearsing a new line up for the band. It's been difficult to keep a steady line up. Other than that I'm spending my time riding my bike and enjoying the rest of the unbearably hot Houston summer. What are your plans for the next 6 months? I'll just be doing the same, and saving up for another tour. Most likely we'll be hitting the northeast this time. Ideally I'd like to have the new album done before December. I have a ton of new unfinished material. Do you have any plans for new releases? Yes... I have a couple of side projects in the works under different names. I'm not really ready to share anything from that yet, those projects still have a ways to go, but it will be very different from the Yppah stuff. Any new equipment/influences/sounds we can look forward to hearing? I've been experimenting with some new software. I've finally completed my transition to ableton which has completely changed the way I produce. I feel like I had been living in the stoneage. I really should've converted a loooong time ago. In the future, are you looking towards more of the funky and more electronic feel you had on "You Are Beautiful At All Times" or the rockier feel of "They Know What Ghosts Know" or an entirely new direction? I'm trying to do better mixing the 2 styles with this album. I'll definitely be leaning to the more electronic side this time around. Some of the new material is definitely more agressive, while still sticking to the usual style of melodies. There will be a lot of drone and washed out sounds to the point where some songs end in just a wall of noise. Where did you learn to drum like that? Haha... I definitely fake it. I kind of just taught myself over the last few years. I knew how to drum well enough to record myself for the most part, but since its so hard to lock down a drummer I had to become the drummer for my band. In the beginning it was super rough. I've had a few trainwrecks. We had a pretty big show in Monterrey the week before SXSW. That was my first time seriously drumming in Yppah. It was a pretty rough half hour. We got through it though and only a few people seemed to notice. I feel a lot more confident now that I've done a few shows as the drummer. Could you describe your project Day of The Woman for us briefly? I'm really glad and relived that this project will get to see the light of day. I started this group with my friend Dave Salinas here in Houston and Nick Noeding, a mutual friend of ours who lives in New Mexico. We all have similar taste in music and were feeling each others production styles. We figured why not combine them and see what happened. We started off really fast banging out about 5 songs within a few months. Then we sort of lost steam due to personal time constraints and the usual arguments and artistic headbutting that come with being in a group. It definitely encompassed all of our styles pretty evenly I think. Download it for free here, and let us know what you think. Read our short introduction to Day Of The Woman here!