Four and a half years after performing In Concert, an ambitious one-off online art installation set in a Swedish forest, iamamiwhoami have announced that in April they will be giving their latest audio-visual series, BLUE, the live treatment in a similar web-streamed installation format, CONCERT IN BLUE. Mind you, the word 'similar' may not be the right term here, as Jonna Lee and her collaborators, Claes Björklund, John Strandh, Augustin Moreaux and Mathieu Mirano, have no interest in repeating themselves.

"Doing concerts in our own arena... that's a very natural thing that I definitely want to do", Lee told The 405 with a lot of heavy hinting during our meet-up last year. "It needs to be done right, it needs to be done with the right amount of time and preparations, you know? So it's when those things align, that interesting things happen."

When you re-watch 2010's In Concert, the breadth of the imagination, enterprise and planning involved in it cannot fail to impress. This was, after all, a project embarked on before iamamiwhoami even had an album out. It later transpired that the concert was the result of six months' preparations and the build-up, including the recruitment via YouTube of a fan (known as ShootUpTheStation, or SUTS) to represent the audience in the experience, was carefully plotted out with a series of short clips documenting SUTS' arrival in Sweden and his subsequent communications with and training by iamamiwhoami's representatives (he was taught some dance moves, amongst other things) for the eventual "gig".

So what can we expect from CONCERT IN BLUE? Famously, SUTS received a hero's death-by-burning during In Concert but his IRL counterpart subsequently went on to become closely involved in BLUE. Might his character be resurrected in the new live installation? That would tingle quite a few spines, The 405's included.

The trailer released by iamamiwhoami for CONCERT IN BLUE makes it clear that, once more, fans will be at the heart of the experience. Followers of the project are encouraged to share "a part of themselves" in the installation by emailing iamamiwhoami's label, To whom it may concern. All emails are automatically responded to with instructions on how to take part (as the e-mail we received was headed 'confidential', we'll leave it to you to find out how to get involved for yourselves but it does sound exciting).

When we quizzed Lee about bringing BLUE to life, she said: "visualising it is going to be a lot of fun and it's been in the making since the start." It's certain that nature will be the setting for the performance and we'd expect some of the symbolic props of the project, such as the message-in-a-bottle glass vessels, mirrors and type-writers equally to be featured as part of the iconography of CONCERT IN BLUE.

As for the music content, the title suggests that the core of the installation will be formed of the majority (if not all) of BLUE's 11 chapters. In particular, it would be interesting to see how 'Shadowshow', which was premiered at the end of In Concert, is reinterpreted, now that it has received a formal release.

We wouldn't be surprised, however, if iamamiwhoami also throw in a few back-catalogue classics into the mix, particularly 'rascal' and 'y', which Lee has confessed to be among her favourites to perform live.

Going back to the inclusion of 'Shadowshow' in 2010's In Concert, there is every chance that the band will again debut a previously unreleased song in CONCERT IN BLUE. 'Avalanche', for example, would be a good one to finally give the light of day to. It was a track written around the same time as 'Shadowshow' and, according to what Lee told The 405, was intended to be part of iamamiwhoami's first album, which was eventually scrapped in favour of bounty. Further, Lee told us about a whole separate project she recorded before BLUE, a set collectively known as 'Mouth of a River'. As some of the song titles rumoured to be on 'Mouth of a River' appear to be linked to iamamiwhoami's digital encapsulation of the latest album, the BLUE island, it may be that the online concert is the place to debut some of it.

Ultimately, we're expecting wonder, thrills and a lot of originality. iamamiwhoami are inherently unable to disappoint on that front.

CONCERT IN BLUE will air on April 29 2015 at 11 pm GMT + 1 on

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