Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, written to encourage women to tune into their monthly rhythm and work on a practice of menstrual cycle awareness. It’s about tracking where you are in your cycle and recognising patterns unique to you – when you might feel more social or more like retreating, when you should put your energy into projects or when it might be better to rest. They go as far as to say that more women working with their cycle rhythms, and finding expression, emotional and spiritual empowerment in doing so, is what the patriarchal world is crying out for! I have been banging on about it to all of Hairband since I read it, but for even the most sceptical there’s lots of sensible, practical advice in there.


I am currently reading I Love Dick by Chris Kraus and a lot of my friends tarot cards.


Right now I am in the middle of reading a selection of Essays by Arne Naess called ‘The Ecology of Wisdom’. Arne Naess is the founder of the idea of deep ecology, a philosophy that understands every living thing has the same right to thrive and grow and bloom. He talks a lot about respecting the planet and presents non-violence as something not only to be shown towards our fellow man but towards our whole planet and all of its inhabitants. There is also a focus on grassroots politics and communal living and just generally looking to the things you can do to help the people around you and look after the place that you live. It’s the first time I have found a philosophy that has really seemed to resonate with all the things I have been thinking and feeling and it’s so nice to read something that not only makes you feel a bit less alone in your thinking but also helps you vocalise your opinions and feel more comfortable engaging in political discussion. It’s a really hopeful kind of philosophy the kind that makes you want to do something and I love that!


I'm reading a collection of short stories by Elizabeth Berridge that Sephi lent me ages ago. The stories were written around the time of the second world war, and they focus on the experiences, relationships and perspectives of women living in the UK at that time. I really enjoy the metaphors she uses to describe emotional realities.


I'm reading Blow-Up and Other Stories by Julio Cortázar. The stories have an uneasy quality and the writing is strange and captivating, I've reread a couple of the stories twice just to wrap my head around them. The arrangement of the words makes you feel as though you're walking through them, the stories are immersive without giving much away in terms of place, time, or setting. It's a really good read and I would recommend it!

Hairband's debut EP is out on October 19th via Monorail Music. Watch the video for 'Flying' below.