"The book I'm reading right now is Infinite Tuesday by Michael Nesmith. He's one of the Monkees, the one who wrote songs, the most handsome one with the dark sideburns and the charming blue hat. I loved this show as a kid.

After the Monkees, he went on to have some beautiful solo records, was the executive producer of Repo Man and kind of came up with MTV. His mom invented Liquid Paper. I'm reading it because he seems to have had a culturally rich life and storied career but also because he's so funny.

So far, the book seems very intimate, like a good memoir is supposed to. I get the feeling he's a very articulate guy and writes the way he speaks, in this quirky and warm way that feels like the stories are being told by a friend. He's from the South, Texas, and came to California for a fresh start, which is something I recently did, and it's cool to read about his history with LA, being the emcee at the Troubadour and hanging out in places in the city where I am. I'm psyched to continue with this book and so far, it's making me love his music even more."

Mary Lattimore's new album Hundreds of Days is out this Friday May 11th via Ghostly. Listen to 'It Feels like Floating' below.