Somehow on tour we stumbled onto a string of dark, true crime murder themed podcasts. They all seemed to have similar themes: someone was found dead, and there were no clues. Except, there were clues, but the small town, bumbling cops either ignored them or worked to obscure them. It took the narrator inserting themselves into the story to get to the bottom of things. Then at the end of tour, I came across the book Helter Skelter-The True Story Of The Manson Murders where this was also a constant theme, but this time the bumbling cops were the infamous LAPD.

We know the strange story, and we how it ends, but like a Hitchcock movie, the horror is in watching the details slowly unfold. There seems to be an endless list of bizarre facts to discover about the case, and they don't need much dressing up. As uncomfortable as it is, the Manson family are fascinating and the story still feels impossible yet relevant. As a new resident of Los Angeles, the city continues to have the same glamour and draw as it did then, and seen through this lens it can feel disturbing. Maybe it's time to pick up something lighter for my next read, I think I'm done with true crime for a while.

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