This is the first mixtape I've done that hasn't been made for one specific person so I figured I'd start close to home. Portland, Oregon gets a lot of talk about "cultural mechas," and most of that is bullshit. It's a town like any town--with an equal mix of good things and some not so good. There's a lot of big old-growth trees, red wine, bridges reaching over the Willamette River, cheap living, blackberries on the vine, forest land, river islands, etc. There's also some good music here. Some of these bands are from Portland. Others have local connections. Some just fit the vibe. I hope you like them. - Adam Gnade 1. Clean Water by Ohioan & Native Kin from Being Of The Good River 2. Hey Mr. Sky by Jackie-O-Motherfucker from Flags Of The Sacred Harp 3. Friend Of Time by Brightblack Morning Light from Brightblack Morning Light 4. Happy Am I by Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux from When The Sun Goes Down: Sacred Roots Of The Blues 5. Farm, Ca. by Jana Hunter from Blank Unstaring Heirs Of Doom 6. Look At What The Light Did Now by Little Wings from Light Green Leaves 7. From A Pirate Radio Sermon, 1989 by M. Ward from End Of Amnesia 8. New Bo-Weavil Blues by Ma Rainey from The Mother Of The Blues 1923-1928 9. Chilly Winds by Odetta from At The Gate Of Horn 10. The Liar (1927) by Rev. Isaiah Shelton from When The Sun Goes Down: Sacred Roots Of The Blues 11. Safe Travels by Peter And The Wolf from Lightness Right click here to download the entire mix!