If you've played GTA IV online, you'll know that it was a little disappointing. Sure, some of the games were a laugh, especially the open world death matches, but what it failed to do was capture the fun of GTA and translate it into an online experience: instead, it tried to emulate bog standard shooters and racers, which it was never going to pull off 100%.

Thankfully, with the upcoming launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, it looks like Rockstar have learnt from their mistakes and decided to transport everything that makes GTA such an unforgettable experience into an online game. The world will be fully populated along with up to 16 players, so even if you're wandering around there'll still be a rich collection of NPCs to interact with. There will also be a range of game-style missions, with players able to join forces to take on jobs, races, sports. In short, it looks like if you can do it offline, there's a good chance you'll be able to do it online too.

The main point Rockstar is trying to hammer across is that GTA Online will be a project that evolves over time, with a strong community providing feedback to the developer so it can become bigger and better. At the moment, there's a content creator in the works, along with Capture the Flag and full on co-operative heists. It's not quite an MMO, but with up to 16 of you and your friends playing along, it doesn't really have to be. If it captures even a fraction of the chaos and fun of the franchise, it'll still be a great experience.

Grand Theft Auto Online is set to launch on October 1st.

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