Later this month The 405 is travelling to Estonia for the 11th edition of Tallinn Music Week, an annual event celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity through music. Although our previous piece on the festival might have already propelled you towards an early Spring trip to the Baltics, here we gather some of the acts we're looking forward to seeing the most; our selection features a heterogeneous mix of styles, cultures, and genres that will spin you out of your comfort zone and make for a very diverse listen, freed from yawning recurrences.

See you in the front row.


GHLOW (Sweden)

Hailing from Stockholm is electropunk duo GHLOW, showing us the noughties' subgenre is neither dead nor outdated and that their Scandinavian approach only made it more addictive. After releasing a four-track EP titled Crystal Memoriz back in 2017, the band is now prepping a proper full length whose details should be announced very soon.

Iris Gold (Denmark)

The thing that makes Iris Gold's music stand out the most is probably her omnipresent cultural tandem: the Danish-Jamaican-English singer grew up on a diet of Jefferson Airplane, Beastie Boys, and everything in-between, which resulted in a singular mix of hip-hop and soulful pop that keeps turning heads (and ears) everywhere. Her most recent single 'Keep the Light On' was released last November.

Kali Briis (Estonia)

Estonian producer Alan Olonen a.k.a. Kali Briis has been performing live with his band since 2013 — the year his LP Say Whaat? won Best Alternative Album at the Estonian Music Awards. His latest album Cloudy With a Chance of Briis came out last December and is a perfect example of his unique take on pop electronica and admirable production expertise.

Knightknights (Russia)

Heavy is Moscow-based duo KnightKnights' middle name, both sonic and environmental-wise. Igor's bass and Dmitri's drums join forces in what promises to become the next Russian scene export. Tallinn Music Week 2019 marks their first show outside Russia and Belarus, so expect it to happen with a bang; their video for 'ЖИВАЯ МИШЕНЬ' is out now.

Kosmonavt (Bielorussia)

What's in a name? In Kosmonavt's case, everything. The Belorussian producer is one of the country's most prominent musicians of the 10s, and the alias he chose for his electronica project couldn't be more appropriate: his take on EDM is as dreamy and grandiose as a space mission — something properly showcased by his 2018 EP Frozen Hearts.

MOJA (Japan)

Another duo that's set to warm up Tallinn's cold nights is MOJA (pronounced "moya"), a Japanese band consisting on drums (Masumi) and bass (Haru). Their forthcoming new album was recorded at London's Park Studios and succeeds to 2017's SUPER CAR; expect much energy and noise and everything else you hoped for.

Red Brut (Netherlands)

Among the most intriguing acts playing at Tallinn Music Week is Dutch performer Marijn Verbiesen a.k.a. Red Brut, who uses cassette tapes as her main instruments. Her untitled debut came out last year, showcasing an expertise of experimentation and avantgardism that draws inspiration from the likes of John Cage and Daphne Oram without ever losing its poetic core.

Red Telephone (United Kingdom)

With their first two singles 'Kookly Rose' and 'Victoria Park' Welsh trio Red Telephone have been revisiting the British Pastoral by giving it a 21st century twist. Likened to heavyweights of the genre such as Syd Barrett, T Rex, or Suede, they've been progressively gaining support from DJs everywhere in the UK; no news regarding a lengthier release have been given as of yet.


Saint Petersburg-born, Berlin-based SADO OPERA have been pushing the frontiers of genre and sexuality through their music and attitude — after all, one of their most important flags is inclusivity, and they fly it loud and proud via the mix of boogie, disco, electrofunk that is their sound. A definite must-see live, they are currently the resident band of Berlin's nightclub Wilde Renate.

SEN (Taiwan)

With their self-titled debut album released last summer via White Rabbit Records, Taiwanese post-punkers SEN demonstrate how intensely perfect the East-meets-West encounter can be. A whirlwind of cinematic sounds emerges from the nine-track release, which in its turn is a perfect example of what musical expertise sounds like.

Sibyl Vane (Estonia)

If you missed that early 00s indie carelessness, Estonian trio Sibyl Vane are here to make sure you take a proper trip down memory lane — without the needless throwback repetition. Their unique take on alternative noughties rock is properly exemplified by albums Love, Holy Water and TV and their self-titled LP, as through the new addictive single 'I Don't Drive', released last year.

Teemu & the Deathblows (Finland)

Hazy sunshine and retro fuzziness fill Teemu & The Deathblows's lo-fi garagy sounds, inviting us to their sonic road trip throughout the fields of Finland. The quartet released their first LP Keep It in the Dark last year via Svart Records, and are now surfing the airwaves all over the world with hits like 'Girl' or 'I'm the Kidd'.

Tokyo Taboo (United Kingdom)

'No Pleasure Only Pain' is London-based Tokyo Taboo's first taster from their forthcoming new album, which the band recorded in California with Noah Shain. Famous for their outrageous and energetic performances, the band fronted by Dolly Daggerz plays it loud and proud, promising not to disappoint with the much anticipated successor to 6th Street Psychosis.

Trees (Finland)

Finnish folk rock is represented in TMW by Trees — the most appropriate name for a quartet drawing inspiration from Laurel Canyon's residents Neil Young and The Byrds. Their single and video 'Out in the Open' perfectly showcases what the first album sounds like: a warm, pine-scented collection of tunes recorded live in the studio that will send you back in time.

Tallinn Music Week 2019 takes place in Tallinn, Estonia between March 25th and 31st. For further information on the line-up, schedules, tickets, and accommodation head over to their official website.