Label: EyeSeeSound Release Date: 11/10/10 Link: Myspace Does anyone remember the monumentally irritating (and disgustingly catchy) Reverend and the Makers hit, 'He Said He Loved Me'? The female singer's falsified southern drawl got backs up all over the country. UK band What Would Jesus Drive?, who played Radio 1's Big Weekend in Bangor this year, open their new EP, The Girls Are in Charge, with dual vocalled 'The Girls Are in Charge'. It reminds me of 'He Said He Loved Me' in its colloquial, slightly cringeworthy description of male and female clashes, this time set at a nightclub, documenting various shenanigans in yelps. Musically, the EP is good old fashioned punk rock with a touch of electro. Imagine Blood Red Shoes if they lived in the city and not by the sea. Interesting offbeat rhythms save the eponymous opener of The Girls Are In Charge from being a skip track. 'Masquerade' uses driving guitar and an appealingly distorted guitar sound to turn the track into a good listen, but linear in structure, I couldn't imagine repeating it many times. At least the chafing vocals of 'The Girls Are in Charge' don't return, What Would Jesus Drive choosing instead less stand-out dual lines, guitar to the fore. Catchiest is 'Punches in Bunches', the third track, mostly sung on a monotone, but showcasing nice little guitar flourishes. The live version of 'The Girls Are In Charge' is a desperate fourth track, adding nothing to the mix. The EP overall isn't a bad listen, only building to an intense level of irritation for a passing moment during the lyric "I bet his bird kept nickin' his chips, when at the shop she said she didn't want any". It isn't particularly inspired punk rock, but I could imagine nodding along to What Would Jesus Drive as a support act. Even huge fans of contemporary punk rock would probably shrug at this EP; there is a cap on how many times we can hear the same chords under monotone vocals, and I think it was reached before this band arrived on the scene. Photobucket