Unkwon, Danish music scene stalwart Anders Dixen, an artist probably unknown to most people, steps up to the big leagues with a remix for Copenhagen based four-piece, When Saints Go Machine, on their track 'Love and Respect' ft Killer Mike, the opening number from their new album Infinity Pool out on iK7/EMI in May.

Whereas the original sets hefty hip-hop break beats with organic sounding synth figures, stereo pads, evocative strings and a stand out, colourful vocal performance from singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, Unkwon's remix mellows the original out, adding a variety of kick heavy drum stylings, a staccato violin melody, some heavy, pumping compression type effects on the strings and pads as well as pitching down Killer Mike's vocals and adding some subtle vocoding and auto-tuning to the sung vocal line that for once doesn't sound too bad.

The chord progressions, just like the original, are euphoric and uplifting equally sharing the emotional punch of the track with the well-executed vocal hooks. While the original saw Killer Mike take to the fore, Unkwon recontextualises his a capella, using it more as colour to enhance the big room sound of the instrumental rather than exploiting it as the attention grabbing showstopper first envisioned by the Atlanta based barbershop owner and rapper – a nice touch.

The vocal chops and performances are what stand out most on this remix, along with clever, adroitly programmed transition effects and the deft use of multiple drum kits, sounds and techniques ranging from pitched trap rolls, to rim shot baked R&B/pop stylings, all the way through to the wiggy, shuffley, crazy hi-hat constructions present during the songs peaks.

Take a peek for yourself below!