Danish quartet When Saints Go Machine have been awfully quiet since the release of their second album Infinity Pool in 2013, but today have broken that silence with the delicate electronic soundscape 'ZeroFrame' and news of a new EP.

'ZeroFrame' is a minimal and spacey track, that still manages to behold a looming quality despite its sparseness. This speaks to When Saints Go Machine's deft production skills, with their four unique takes all subtly layered together into something shapeless but perfectly cohesive. In this glacial space Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild's voice hovers attractively, yearning for the listener to come closer. Once you're captivated and floating alongside Vonsild, completely unsuspecting, When Saints Go Machine hit you with a sudden flush of soft but powerful synth, bringing home a resounding conclusion to 'ZeroFrame'.

'ZeroFrame' comes from the It’s A Mad Love EP, which the group has said "is more free form than earlier releases. Repetition plays an important role, but everything has more to do with texture than classical build-ups. There are less drums, more atmosphere, natural lyrics and progression. We want to do what feels right to us so nothing is optimized to make it accessible to anyone other than ourselves, but we all share the same emotions so it might appeal to others as well.” The EP also features Killer Mike.

Listen to 'ZeroFrame' below.

When Saints Go Machine will release It's A Mad Love on May 4th.