Irish trio whenyoung may only be a handful of songs into their career, but they're operating like a band with the confidence of years of experience under their belts, as shown by new single and video 'The Collector'.

Musically, 'The Collector' continues the Limerick band's penchant for upbeat indie rock with a wistful attitude. It starts minimally, with just an echoing guitar, and Aoife Power introducing us to the subject of the song - 'The Collector'. As she unspools the tale of a woman who's "searching for something she likes just to try it," we can see her animating the tale with careful words and an empathetic heart. 'The Collector' also features some broadening of their sound, with brilliant backing vocals and some invigorating guitar textures.

The video also shows off the band's confidence, as Power herself has directed it. She says of it "The video for The Collector documents the simple, everyday movements that everyone experiences. We are all carrying out the same routine to show that we are all connected in the universal tasks of daily life but still individually searching for a sense of place and belonging. The gentle tones and slow paced everyday storyline was inspired by the films of Eric Rohmer."

Check out 'The Collector' below.