Spike Jonze’s latest film Where The Wild Things Are hits cinemas today. Combining live action, animatronics and CGI, the adaptation of the classic children’s picture book even has the blessing of author Maurice Sendak. His book has been a childhood staple since its publication in 1963 and Jonze worked with him closely on turning it into a full length feature film. The story sees boisterous but lonely Max (Max Records) run away from home after a fight with his mother (Catherine Keener) to the land of the Wild Things. Decked out in a wolf costume, the Wild Things in residence take him for a great king with magical powers and make him their leader. The film boasts an impressive cast of voice actors as the fearsome Wild Things, including Soprano actor James Gandolfini, Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker and Six Feet Under’s Lauren Ambrose. The film's soundtrack was also written by Yeah Yeah Yeah frontwoman, Karen O. To view an exclusive video interview with director Spike Jonze and author Maurice Sendak click here .