White Air - Brighton feels the heat! White Air Festival, now in its Thirteenth year, is coming to Brighton Beach on the 18th-20th of September. You can semi-obviate the entirety of this preview feature by callously checking out The Official White Air Website or read on for a few of my personal predicted highlights, Brighton tips and general fawning love-gush. Incidentally, the website is looking pretty damn swish. Seriously, check it out, there's a helluvalotta good, enticing stuff crammed onto it. You definitely won't have been to a festival like this before (unless you went to one of the previous ones of course, smart-ass). White Air markets itself as ‘Europe’s biggest extreme sports and music festival’, and rightly so. Whilst the music side of things is hardly the biggest focus, or the biggest attraction, it certainly holds its own with headliners Biffy Clyro, Doves and The Cribs supported by the likes of White Lies, British Sea Power (Brighton boys themselves..!) 405 favourites Sky Larkin and good ol’ The Boxer rebellion. For full lineup visit the website link above Previously held on the Isle Of Wight, and due to the festival’s fairly rapid expansion, hoping to make it to mainland Europe and thenceforth further afield in years to come, White Air isn’t your typical music OR extreme sports festival; helped in large part to the fact you can join in! By that I mean you can actually have a go at some of the sports, but also that they are still hiring stewards who will get free entry (obviously) as well as a host of other cool backstage shit. All you need to do to apply to be one is CLICK HERE. SO, what’s next? You’ve decided to go, you’ve applied to be a steward or bought your ticket, and you want to know the coolest things to check out in Brighton whilst you’re there, doing your thang (in an extreme fashion). Make absolutely bloody sure you: 1. Buy a Lick from the Laines 2. Head into Resident, the coolest indie record shop in Brighton. 3. Check out The Awesome Brighton Street Art 4. Have lunch/breakfast at the most amazing veggie restaurant/cafe in Brighton (ever..!?), Iydea in Kensington Gardens. A sure-fire favourite of Danny (that’s me!) and more recently Wil, Will and Aaron (currently sojourning in sunny Spain!) of 405 infamy. 5. Drink loooads of Tuaca! You can only get it in Brighton! Aaah yes, and as ever do let me know if you intend on going so I can say 'hi' and spread The 405 love! (twitter: dannythe405)