Brooklyn-based producer White Cliffs has been making a name for himself over the past through years mainly through his collaboration with vocalist Hugh EP on the track 'Come Here.' But time passes and people change, so White Cliffs has found himself branching out into a new direction on his forthcoming EP. Perhaps no song is more emblematic of that evolution that the EP's first single, 'On Call,' which is premiering today through The 405.

Pulsing with shakers and bass, the track oozes hazy electro-pop magic. White Cliffs tests out his own vocals as well, which work well in highlight the lean, sexy energy of the track. The ultimate result is a lusty dance track, perfect for pulling your favorite person nice and close on a humid summer night. According to White Cliffs, this achievement has been the goal since his music career began.

"'On Call' represents a new road that I've wanted to travel since making music," says White Cliffs. "It's a little taste of the songs I'll be releasing from now on and I can't put into words how excited I am to share it with everyone."

You can stream 'On Call' below, and be on the lookout for White Cliffs' forthcoming EP, which is due out on Sept. 29.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01 “On Call”
  • 02 “Heart Start”
  • 03 “Same Hands”
  • 04 “Interlude”
  • 05 “End Of Days”
  • 06 “Brace Yourself”