Austin outfit White Denim, a quietly and continually underrated four-piece cleverly mashing elements of jam, alternative, and blues (among other genres), have already announced the release date of their seventh studio album Stiff. Now, quickly following its first single 'Holda You (I'm A Psycho)', the quintet have dropped the funk-fusion effort, 'Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)'.

The supremely positive spin is tipped by lead singer James Petralli casually noting, "So be yourself, try to have a good time." Whether that means in the moment the listener is in or in general is probably up for useless debate, but that's not the point. The track is driven by a revivalist soul-inspired vibe, hurled in the ever-reaching cache of what White Denim is capable of capturing.

Listen to 'Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)' below and pre-order Stiff today on iTunes, Amazon, and the White Denim online store before it arrives on March 25th via Downtown Records.