This premier from White Fang, sounds like it was ripped from a tape thrown from a car window and left to bake boil on hot tarmac. 'Talkin' To Gary On The Corner' is gnarled, gritty, and downright broken, and that's admirable, because you have to put some serious work into making something sound so shitty these days. But this lowest of all Lo-Fi songs is alluringly abrasive; it's a Kinks song without the budget, a warts and all carefree rock song just looking to get its kicks.

White Fang's new album 'Full Time Freak' will be released via Metal Postcard Records on April 28th and is available early at Rough Trade from March 17th, the day of their upcoming in-store performance.

  • UK Tour Dates
  • 14.03.14 - Brighton, UK - The Hope
  • 15.03.14 - London, UK - The Shacklewell Arms
  • 16.03.14 - Manchester, UK - The Castle Hotel
  • 17.03.14 - London, UK - Rough Trade East
  • 18.03.14 - Bristol, UK - Start The Bus