If you're a fan of White Hills, then you should know what to expect from their new record. You're only halfway there. If you're new to the New York space-rockers, then I honestly envy you. I would very much like to be in your position, because you only get to react like that once. It was last year that I stumbled upon an album called Frying on This Rock, and it was a perception-altering experience.

It's been less than a year since that happened, and its creators have been hard at work creating album number seven - their fourth album in four years. They're certainly prolific, but this would mean nothing without their high standards. Music like this is easy to make; it's more difficult to make it count. So You Are... So You'll Be takes concise melodies and stretches them out to impressive lengths. Three experimental interludes are used to break things up, but the shortest actual song on the nine-track record is just shy of six minutes long. Make no mistake: this is an album that demands to be listened to as a whole.

The brief introductory track 'InWords' leads directly into the pulse-quickening rush of 'In Your Room', a track which indicates that the trio (Dave W, Ego Sensation and Nick Name) have really stepped things up. Plodding through verses that seem only a second away from exploding, the song is given impetus by a colossal-sounding riff which guides the song through its first two minutes into an exultant, extended passage in which it's clear that the pseudonymously-named trio are in each other's pockets, Dave W and Ego Sensation playing off each other in a manner so natural that it belies the song's energetic sound. In its turn, it segues into 'The Internal Monologue', an ambient piece which somehow manages to be among the most intense moments on the album, layers of sound steadily crescendoing to an ear-splitting finale, before the title track bulldozes through the calm atmosphere for seven minutes of pure rock, its hazy and detached-sounding vocals drowned out almost completely by the sheer force of the instruments surrounding them.

There are some Krautrock-ish vibes running through certain parts of the album, but one particular track which allows the listener to become completely lost in Nick Name's watertight, motorik grooves is the blissfully fuzzed-out 'Forever in Space (Enlightened)', which is every bit as out-of-this-world as its moniker suggests, showcasing a band who are at the top of their game, before crashing straight into 'Rare Upon the Earth' without pausing for breath.

At its best, So You Are... So You'll Be is full of intense thrills, stitched together by the ethereal comedowns it's desperately in need of. This is music that picks you up and rattles every bone in your body before tossing you out of your house and into someone else's garden five doors down. It's that powerful. White Hills are really beginning to hit their stride now, and they're seven albums in; that says a lot about their ambitions. They're not the sort of band who just want to burn brilliantly for a time and then fade away; they want their listeners and fans to take them to heart, and this is the album that will do that.