White Lung just hit us all at once. Not only did the band announce their forthcoming album Paradise, (which is out May 6 on Domino) but they've unleashed an interesting video for 'Hungry,' which stars Amber Tamblyn and was co-directed by Justin Gradin and Barber-Way.

"Hungry' plays with identity and perception, and the idea that sometimes public attention can create more isolation," Gradin says. "The video focuses on a self obsessed girl (who is semi-famous for being on a milk can) as she struggles to stay relevant while being haunted by the ghosts of fame until her eventual epiphany of Disposability."

And as if that's not enough to please fans, the band has also released a bio for the album, which comes in the form of a fascinating Q&A with St. Vincent's Annie Clark and band members Mish Barber-Way and Kenneth William. Read the full Q&A here.