Named on many end of year lists last year, PC Music continues to make waves online; in some ways you could say this is down not only to their unique output – from GFOTY's frenetic mixes and the unique trance-pop of label head A. G. Cook – but also down to the non-essentialist mystery surrounding the netlabel.

However, does this new series launched by singer Hannah Diamond mark a change? Called HDTV, it's only the first episode – 'Who is Hannah Diamond?' – but already the candid unveilings of the dynamic between Hannah and collaborating producer A. G. Cook, the revelation of her aesthetic being inspired by videos like TLC's CGI-imbued video for 'Waterfalls', as well as explaining her unlucky experiences in love as a theme behind her lyrics, point to a burgeoning transparency to the label.

This is speculation, of course – even if it means nothing for the label as whole, it's still an interesting insight into the mind behind a portion of its music. Watch it below!

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