Why is it so bizarre that OkCupid has done some research into what the "whitest band in the world" might be? Why is that so strange? Well, because it is. How is that not strange? These two things seem so absolutely disparate, unless the dating site hopes to do with music research what Red Bull has done with music in general. Yep, they could be like the brand to look out for when it comes to inane research.

But actually it's OkCupid founder Christian Rudder who's done us the service of finding out who the whitest band is. Or as the research puts it "least black". Hmm, ok.

In his new book Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking), he basically shares everything his dating website has collected about people over the years, endless data for interesting conclusions. One of these conclusions, somehow, is about the whitest band EVAR.

Whoever you thought it might be, stop. It's not who you think it might be. Ok, it's Belle and Sebastian.

How did he arrive at this conclusion? I don't know. Why should you believe this? I don't know. Some guy from the National Post found this tidbit of information. But it's kind of an excuse to think about Belle and Sebastian for a second, to drown out any memory you have of having to read about founders of dating websites (more like data-ing websites, amirite?) playing sociologist. To be fair though, they are pretty white.

Listen to how white they are.

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