Earlier in the year, we shared a list of some of the world's richest DJs. Topping that chart was trance chart-topper Tiësto, closely followed by Daft Punk, Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyke. Lots of Pauls. Lots of house music. Curious.

Forbes' updated list of this years' highest-paid DJs is a bit of a startling read, especially to hard-working promoters who balk at the asking fees hundreds of times lower than top earner Calvin Harris.

Perhaps DJing is a lucrative career after all...as long as you're up for playing frat-house drops and posing for ridiculous photo shoots.

In at number one is Scotland's own Calvin Harris, who earned $46 million this year. So far.

Coming close second is Tiësto with $32 million, and David Guetta who earned $30 million. What a slacker. Steve Aioki was number 13 on this year's celebrityworth.net "richest DJs in the world" list with a personal fortune of $28 million, but on Forbes' list he's only raked in $14 million of that this year.

Avicii on the other hand had a combined wealth of $12 million back in May, however now according to Forbes he's commanding a double-taking, brow-creasing $20 million.

For all the DJs starting out on a measly expenses only salary, don't worry - Diplo's only getting a paltry $13 million a year now, the poor lamb.

Read the full list below and weep.

  • 1. Calvin Harris - $46 million
  • 2. Tiësto - $32 million
  • 3. David Guetta - $30 million
  • 4. Swedish House Mafia - $25 million
  • 5. deadmau5 - $21 million
6. Avicii - $20 million
  • 7. Afrojack - $18 million
  • 8. Armin van Buuren - $17 million
9. Skrillex - $16 million (tie)
  • 10. Kaskade - $16 million (tie)
  • 11. Steve Aoki - $14 million
  • 12. DJ Pauly D - $13 million (tie)
  • 13. Diplo - $13 million (tie)