A couple of months ago people started receiving cassette tapes in unmarked packages (see above), reports Digital Music News. The DIY aesthetic was something you'd expect from a grassroots band or artist, but given the amount of people receiving the tapes, and that each came handwritten note stating that without a cassette player you can still visual Shazam a code supplied, it seems more the kind of big operation a major label might take the trouble to go through in order to convince you that something were ostensibly more DIY, more genuine, than it truly is.

That is a little cynical, however. It might be more the work of a PR company than a major label. There is one thing that is something of a mystery, though: everybody who received a tape was part of the Fuelled By Ramen street team. Then again it's not that mysterious – selling data, including addresses, isn't a new thing and it does happen. Everything else about Transviolet, the band whose song 'Girls Your Age' was on the tapes, seems pretty organic on the whole. It's an interesting marketing strategy anyway, if a little odd and spammy.