I realised the other day that I really quite like Dubstep, but only when I'm pottering around the house, maybe doing a bit of cleaning. Is that odd? It just sounds plain weird if I'm listening to it in context, getting ready for a night out. That's probably slightly more obscure than my other guilty pleasure - truly cheesy house while out for a run. Cascada is almost bearable (I say almost with the proviso that i'm at the gym and my iPod has run out of juice). These situations make music, that I would otherwise turn my nose up at, acceptable in the situation. So why is it certain occasions only call for certain types of music then? Obviously with activities such as running or hitting the gym, a steady beat helps you through the wall of pain, but cleaning, taking a shower or going for a walk? Do you think the people who write and produce said music realise what it's intended for? The same can be said for the process where the newest hottest indie band produce something crowd pleasing at best. Why is it that people like Jason Mraz exist, lovely music for the Radio 2 generation, but I'm not sure anyone writes a song to appease your average Mondeo Man. Music to drive down the M4 by? Hardly. My question to you is what do you listen to that, when in context turns it into both the sublime and ridiculous?