Yoni Wolf aka WHY? recently returned with an odd trio of tracks, leaving us questioning what he might have in store. Today he has revealed that WHY? will be releasing a visual album called AOKOHIO on August 9th. The tracks released a couple of weeks ago, collectively titled I: I may come out a broken yolk, I may come out on a saddle form the first movement of AOKOHIO, and today he has also shared the second part: II. I've been carving my elbows, I might just take flight.

The new triumvirate of pieces begins with 'Reason', a collaboration with Lala Lala (for the second time this year), and soon turns into one of the act's most anthemic songs to date, bouncing along on a giddy bass, with the guest adding emphatic backing yelps. This high soon plunges to the pits for 'Deleterio Motilis', which finds Wolf at his mealy-mouthed best, spewing regrettable thoughts at a pace that'll make your head spin - recalling some of his most beloved work. Finally, WHY? moves us into 'Stained Glass Slipper', a whimsical sounding jam - until you hear Wolf's words, once again worrying and beautiful.

The visual element of the tracks in II. I've been carving my elbows, I might just take flight can be watched below.

WHY?'s visual album AOKOHIO "comes out" on August 9th - but in fact a new piece of the project will be released each week between now and then, with the whole album being completed on the 9th.