I must admit, Foxygen are still one of the bands I want to see live the most. Last year I managed to see many of my new favourite acts (Temples, The Strypes, La Femme, Jacco Gardner) but Foxygen kept slipping through my fingers - mostly due to geographical impairments (I really love you guys but am not wealthy enough to travel across the pond just to catch you live). The fact is that, even if I was, nothing would guarantee me that I wouldn't be disappointed.

I tuned into Coachella's live streaming last weekend to see Foxygen playing the Outdoor Theatre stage and hoped for the best. All the drama surrounding the band over the past months/year got me thinking about how big these guys could actually be and how I get the feeling their career won't be nearly as magnificent as they deserve.

Though I hate to name names, I'm looking at you Sam France. So ok, the fact that you fell offstage last summer (which led to the band cancelling the entire US tour) wasn't exactly your fault - although seriously, what were you expecting since you always seem to climb every stage structure? - but the fact Foxygen called their whole European tour off last year to preserve "the creative health of the band" had your name written all over it (maybe I'm wrong on this one, but the news broke shortly after the SXSW meltdown, so there ya go).

And when Elizabeth Fey, Foxygen's (former?) member and France's (ex?) girlfriend, brought the band's personal issues (essentially related to Rado releasing his solo album and all) to the internet last July, it definitely felt like the band members were getting more media exposure than the music itself.

After Jonathan Rado and drummer Shaun Fleming released their respective solo albums last autumn (while France remained silent), it sure seemed like the end of Foxygen, mostly because they hadn't released a single song since 2013's We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic - yes guys, it's been almost a year and a half. And although they are currently playing a couple of US dates (and there are rumours they might be going to Japan for a gig or two), even premiering some new tunes on Coachella's stage (though their much promised follow-up Star Power doesn't even have a proper release date yet), the fact is that all the drama that surrounded the band these past few months, combined with Sam France's unexpected on-stage attitude, surely has us wondering about where exactly the band is going. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally ok with France's Iggy-Popping his act - what becomes sort of uncomfortable is that feeling that something's about to go very wrong at any moment. Sure, unexpected stuff is always welcome at a rock gig, but not to the point where you forget about the music (which I suppose is the whole point, huh?) and concentrating on that morbid expectation of actually catching a meltdown live.

They return to the Californian desert this weekend for another gig (plus a couple of dates in San Francisco), and I'll be having mini heart attacks every time an intro seems to be going on forever without France jumping in. And please, please, will someone put a couple of mattresses in the photo pit?

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