Mob mentality ruled when a group of protestors attacked Shorditch's Cereal Killer Cafe over the weekend under the banner of anti-gentrification, anti-capitalism, but most of all anarchy, owing more to having this untetherable, directionless anger rather than any true agenda outside populist buzzwords like "gentrification" and attacking something as stupidly innocuous as a cafe that serves overpriced cereal. It's easy to do.

The crowd, seemingly more angry at the actual fact that this overpriced cereal vendor exists than anything else, arrived 200-strong with fire and paint and attacked the café whilst patrons barricaded themselves inside, children included.

Talking to the Evening Standard, Alan Keery, a co-founder of the café, said:

"There were children there – they were terrified. The staff were absolutely terrified. It was an angry mob throwing paint at the windows. They had torches and pigs' heads."

The parade? "Fuck London". The stupidest thing you can probably do to help your cause is to cite the thing you are fighting against and simply add a "fuck" in front of it. Fuck tories. Fuck this country. "Fuck London" … "Fuck gentrification." Fuck you. It's the kind of retort made by those who have all the capacity for cognition but stop short of thinking further than traipsing around the streets at night with a bunch of people dressed up as if for Halloween, more interested in going out, having fun, and/or causing a few disturbances – always, always heightened when in a crowd of likeminded people – than the cause itself; sheep, the lot of them, as much as they wish not to admit it.

The cause of this so-called Fuck London protest is described by the organising group Class War in part on a Facebook event page:

"Our communities are being ripped apart – by Russian oligarchs, Saudi Sheiks, Israeli scumbag property developers, Texan oil-money twats and our own home-grown Eton toffs."

It's a tedious and tired list of bugbears, but let's humour it. Even with all of these things in existence, who's the enemy here? The owner of a cafe? Or the government who actually runs this country, makes business deals that affect areas of London and elsewhere nationwide, come to decisions as to whom or what we will attack or not attack next, where our aid will be sent, whom we let into the country and to whom we refuse entry, the age of retirement, the minimum wage, public sector cuts, tax breaks for large companies wishing to do business here, the ways in which businesses are allowed to operate, and many, many other things? I'd go with the latter, personally, and spare innocent people with ideas on how to make their own money – whether it's a fiver for a bowl of cereal or four quid for a pint or £37 for a fucking face massage and foot rub for all I care – spare these people the indecency of having to go through what is tantamount to a light lynching.

And, in that above quote, we see: Our communities are being ripped apart.

In a civilised, developed country who rips communities apart other than the communities themselves? The pictures below, some of them anyway, depict a mob waving torches, carrying anarchist banners, probably amusing effigies, marching around, and actively ripping apart their own community by literally attacking it. They call themselves Class War – what more in that very moniker, a belligerent expression if there ever was one, do you need as the first warning sign that this group wants nothing but trouble? Add to this what I mentioned earlier about their mis-targeted attack, (Why didn't they try and storm Downing Street? Houses of Parliament? Something worthwhile?), and also to their freak-show, junkyard aesthetic, and you have as anti-social, anti-community, a movement as can be born from the type of angsty-teenager-circa-1999 mind retroactively getting into Black Flag and loudly claiming they know all there is to know about politics and how to fix the country as possible. Misdirected political angst can be dangerous.

Doing things like the below serves only to alleviate your boredom for a few hours, helps discredit opposition to status quo (because everyone will think, unfortunately quite rightly in this case, that any vocal opposition – i.e. something like "Class War" – is entirely stupid), and causes pointless damage and unnecessary upset.

Learn to think for yourself. Question things. Empathise and be kind to others.

May I please alert your attention to the can of Carlsberg Special Brew below.