To those music lovers who are unaware of or haven’t experienced today’s underground punk scene, you don’t know what you’re missing! With names such as "King Prawn" "The King Blues" and "Sonic Boom Six" being recognized all over the UK - it is clear that the UK still loves its punk. Due to the names mentioned above and many others punk is rising from the underground and spitting out an array of interesting and compelling talent. Sure punk may not be considered to be everyone’s cup of tea; I myself am a self confessed indie lover- however music made by unknown punk bands does certainly seems to flourish in variety. For example, the music of Sonic Boom Six and The King Blues offers sounds to set the body racing into mosh and/or skank mode (I refer to Bigger than punk rock and piggy in the middle by SB6) and in contrast to this they have created tunes which are just perfect to kick back and have a spilff with (I refer to Mr Music Man by The King Blues, and Northern Skies by SB6). I myself love the stage presence of a good punk band. There’s nothing like skanking with your friends to a band with a confident and memorizing pull on it’s audience. One which stands out for me at the moment is Sonic Boom Six. A female fronted Punk band from Manchester who cleverly and smoothly collaborate the sounds of reggae, ska and hip hop together with the grittiness of punk. The front woman Leila certainly doesn’t lack in stage presence with superb vocals and rapping she is also a lyrical genius-*see “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” for evidence of this. Having seen them at Camden’s Purple Turtle supporting the King Blues last September I was blown away- not only by the stunning Leila’s vocals but by how amazingly well the band performed as a whole. With wonderful sounds exploding from drums, guitar and sax it was hard not to go nuts with movement. This band is a phenomenal to witness live and I urge everyone to go and see them when they next tour- I certainly will again. Visit