For a song called 'The Snowfalls', this is totally anything but snowy; it's summery! It's fields of cricket-chirping dry grass, blue sky strewn with wisps of cloud, aimless car rides, fun with friends, long sunsets, etc. etc. (there's like, a huge list of summery things, let's be honest).

These jangly chords and tambourine rattlings, prom-night basslines and shimmying drums, selections of evocative guitar solos intermingling with glimmers of glockenspiel, the blissful slacker-style female vocals, these are the products of the idyllic Italian countryside, where the virtually unknown band behind this track, Whyte Horses, spent three months, away from their native Manchester.

It feels like this song spans eras, evoking '80s guitar pop as much as '60s flower-power atmospheres, as well as Go! Team-esque upbeatness and, lyrically, too – with the carefree "Just keep on running / for the morning" for instance – the sun-bleached lassitude of California lo-fi. Glorious!

This is out 22nd September on CRC Music.

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