WIFE will release his debut album What's Between on June 9th via Tri Angle Records, and a track from it called 'Hear Is A Far Light' is already available to stream. WIFE is the new moniker and solo project of James Kelly, an Irish singer-songwriter famed for his previous work in acclaimed metal band Altar of Plagues, but this album promises music that sound innovative and unique even when not taken as a pop project from an ex-metal musician. The record was also produced in collaboration with The Haxan Cloak.

Stream 'Heart Is A Far Light' and see the album's tracklist below.

What's Between tracklist:

  • 1. Like Chrome
  • 2. Tongue
  • 3. Heart Is A Far Light
  • 4. Salvage
  • 5. Dans Ce
  • 6. A Nature (Shards)
  • 7. Living Joy
  • 8. Fruit Tree
  • 9. Further Not Better

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