A long time ago (well, very early this morning), in a galaxy far, far away... (well, on the Internet), Wilco dropped a new album.

Two things to note: it's called Star Wars, which could potentially get them in trouble (unless someone at Disney is a secret Wilco fan), and it features the best artwork of the year.

Star Wars - the band's 11th studio album - is available to download for a "limited time" over here. Check out the tracklisting below:

  • 01. EKG
  • 02. More...
  • 03. Random Name Generator
  • 04. The Joke Explained
  • 05. You Satellite
  • 06. Taste the Ceiling
  • 07. Pickled Ginger
  • 08. Where Do I Begin
  • 09. Cold Slope
  • 10. King Of You
  • 11. Magnetized