To celebrate the release of their phenomenal new album, Two Dancers, the guys from Wild Beasts have each created a playlist for you all to enjoy, with their own commentaries on them. Check them out: Hayden Click here for the twitter playlist! Portishead - We Carry on "Geoff Barrow is a production hero of mine, this is an example of what he can do." Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Kitchen demo) "A lost classic. Legend goes this is just him and his motown band jamming in the kitchen, you can hear the milk bottles being used as rhythm. I couldn't get tickets for his comeback shows, it's probably for the best." Junior Boys - In The Morning "Inch perfect pop, nothing is wasted, everything has a function. The vocals are pretty brilliant." Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia "I covered some Boss songs for a friends party and learned to appreciate him on a different level, his songs are so simple I was able sight read them in front of a room full of people. There in lies his gift as a songwriter." Abadou & Mariam - Sabali "Sounds like nothing else, simple electro crossed with African pop, the results are delicious." Leonard Cohen - Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye "The mother ship, other songs merely satellite around it." Robert Wyatt - Del Mundo "The fact that he sings in Spanish and I can't understand a word is irrelevant, the sound of the gentle organ and his soft voice are enough." The Source featuring Candi Staton - You Got the Love "A very early musical memory being sat in the back of my child minders car hearing this at full blast. We've spent a long time trying to replicate that crisp house piano." The Smiths - Hand in Glove "There's something special about first singles, for the Smiths it was such a statement, with the male nude on the cover. It must have come out of no-where at the time." Patti Smith - Ghost Dance "Easter to me is such a moody record, that sort of atmosphere is something you can't fake. This a good example of that feel." Foals - Red Socks Pugie "We've toured with Foals in the past and they were something to behold live. This song in particular was a sucker punch." Tom Click here for the twitter playlist! Prince - If I was your Girlfriend "Would you let me dress you? Would you let me pick out your clothes?" Erotic, playful, curiously downbeat. Great vocal performance." Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime "This is just the sound of pure joy, irresistible. Oft imitated." Jake Thackray - The Cactus "Beware of the bull, the dancing cock is right". Martin Carthy + Ken Dodd + Karl Marx. The Invisible - London Girl "One of the most sublime pop songs I've heard in years. There are a couple of staccato guitar lines that have stuck to my hips for days, I believe they know what they're doing." Can - Vitamin C "I consider this the benchmark of ensemble playing, unbelievably fluid, subtle. Real third eye opening stuff." Extra Life - Blackmail Blues "If like me you don't necessarily buy the R&B nouveau stuff coming out of Brooklyn, remind yourself it still house some monsters. This is for those who like heavy music but also, you know, music." Angels of Light - All Souls' Rising "The pull of foreign bones. Marrow loosened beneath the flower tree". The most terrifyingly psychotic thing I own by a distance, and an exhilarating listen." Gyorgy Ligeti - Etudes book 1.2 - Cordes a Vide "Never settles, the left hand is constantly moving against the right. I love the way that harmony is always an implication in this, never an instruction." Benny Click here for the twitter playlist! Steve Reich - Music For Mallet "If you listen to it in certain situations, it can sound driving and relentless, yet put into another listening context can sound weightless and delicate. It’s one of those rare pieces of music that I can listen to at any point during any given day, whether happy or sad and know that I’ll enjoy it." Brian Eno – Ambient Music For Airports 1/1 “17 and a half minutes consisting of long synthesized voices and over tones, piano notes altered through subtle tape manipulation consisting of placid, sustained drones that suggest stillness. When you've finished listening to this track it leaves you empty, its designed that way like rest-bite from the ever flowing 'airport'.” Junior Boys – In The Morning “This is one of the first goodies I was given by domino records when Wild Beasts first got signed to the label, we were all let loose in the warehouse to choose anything we fancied, like kids in a sweet shop. In The Morning is always a big tune to drop on the tour bus.” Royksopp - Remind me “Melody A.M. is probably the most solid, confident, and generally pleasurable downtempo full-length I've got, with 'Remind Me' being a definite stand out. Some people may be forgiven for thinking that royksopp are like ambient or house for people that don't really like Ambient of house, I just think they are funky as hell.” Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover “Although I hate donky Jaws, I'm surprised that this song never made the Best Of! It's a real hidden gem from the album 'New Skin For The Old Ceremony.” Knife – Heartbeats “This song is brimming with sustained pad swells, cheap, steely and vulgar lyrics that are generally about parties, sex, dating and relationships" Flaming Lips - One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21 “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is a brave and resourceful work, overflowing with ideas with moments of brilliance and originality, This track for me condenses everything that I like about the band.” Chris Click here for the twitter playlist! The Smiths - Girlfriend in a coma "For me, Morrissey and band at their natural best. Effortless." The Strokes - Take it or Leave it "Back when we were 16/17, Hayden, Benny and I travelled the country to watch them several times over those first two albums. They still are pretty unbeatable live. This is not may favourite song of theirs, but I'm including it purely for sentimental reasons - I have a tradition of crowdsurfing to it everytime I see them." Kraftwerk - The Robots "An amazing outfit, their records sound so sparse, yet the attention to detail you get rewarded on repeated listens is astounding." Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs "A band favourite when on the road, it's perfect for those late nights on the motorway. His voice is soft and pin-point accurate. And if there's any justice left in this world, it should've soundtracked a lot of baby making." Animal Collective - Leaf House "How and what the fuck? One of those bands that kind of wants to make you give up. And that's how it should be." Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues "Laugh out loud funny and frightening, especially when listening to the Live at Folsom Prison version. There must have been some dangerous guys sitting in on that set." Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make me Wanna Holler) "Everything is spot on with this whole record, but what a way to leave you with this song! His voice is pure honey, and that bassline has a fair groove to it." Casio Kids - Gront Lys I Alle Ledd "I have no idea what he's singing about, which can only be testament to the strength of their music. I first came across them at SXSW, and I haven't stopped listening to them since." Bjork - All is full of love "When we first started out, we acquired a drum machine and I was under strict instruction to listen to this and come up with a similar beat. Needless to say, electronica was a direction we failed to pursue longer than a month. Cracking song, and just when you think she's ran out of range, she hits that note." Talking Heads - Burning Down the House "I can't work out if this is a guilty pleasure song, especially knowing that Tom Jones had a pop at it." Bob Marley - Could you be Loved "Irresistible." They have also sent us this special video of them making the album: