"They told me dress for the job that you want/ so I picked up my sceptre and crown" is a bold opening gambit for any band. Liverpool four-piece Wild Fruit Art Collective appear to be working towards that very goal, with all-night rehearsals in the city’s creative hub Baltic Triangle and constant touring honing a sound that is studiously disjointed.

Lyricist Jamie Roberts explains the line from new track 'Every Conversation is a Sale': "The opening lines are a play on always being told when growing up to ‘dress for the job you want’ and just imagining turning up the next day dressed like the King – these hollow positive sentiments only inspire upward social mobility within a very narrow pre-determined bracket, that always got me down."

Produced by The Wytches’ Kristian Bell in specially engineered sub-arctic temperatures, ‘Every Conversation is a Sale’ is studded with the same bilious social commentary as label mates Eyesore & The Jinx. It’s a dark, strutting mix of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Black Carrot, and is out on Eggy Records on 12th October.