Jack Tatum has today announced the fourth album of his long-running Wild Nothing project; Indigo will be released on Captured Tracks on August 31st. “I wanted it to sound like a classic studio record, as close as I could get it there. It just boils down to me wanting to fit into some larger narrative, musically, in terms of these artists I love,” Tatum says of the album.

The pristine production is clear from the opening seconds of lead single and Indigo's opening track 'Letting Go'; a drum fill hurriedly introduces Tatum's signature dream-pop guitars, but the sound is broader and than before, hovering exquisitely in the atmosphere. This guides us like a scented breeze to the delights of the chorus, bounding into chunky and polychromatic synth-laden fare that feels like sliding down rainbows, carelessly galavanting with friends, and letting your inhibitions run wild with someone you love. Tatum's lyricism is typically liminal, describing feelings that are universal but easily conjure specific memories from your own life.

Listen to 'Letting Go' below.

Wild Nothing's Indigo comes out through Captured Tracks on August 31st, pre-order here.