Swedish duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums have made an eclectic album to say the least. Once you think you've got their sound figured out, they make a u-turn and throw you almost completely off track. It's an enjoyable ride though as "Heartcore" is an experimental flurry of styles and genres. There's pop, blues, and folk just to name a few. What really makes the album though is Mariam Wallentin's unique voice and Andreas Werliin's unconventional drumming. As they switch between styles, so does the mood of their main instruments. On the more upbeat, quirky songs Miriam's voice is strong, deep and sometimes even downright funny which is accompanied by Andreas going full out on the percussion. During the softer moments though her voice is suddenly soft and fragile, and the drumming is barely a simple beat. As much as I appreciate the experimental part of it all, I have to admit that some songs are bit too unstructured and therefor not as memorable as others. So if you're expecting easy listening and catchy hooks I would advice you to stay clear of this album. Those who enjoy a bit of a challenge though will surely love it.