House parties seem like such a toll these days. You have to traipse to the other end of town (this happens nearly all the time, no-one is ever having one round the corner from you), lugging your carrier bag of bargain booze and a few hip flasks hidden discreetly upon your person so people on the bus don't judge you so much, to drink in someone else's living room then try and get back to your flat before the buses stop so you can get home and get ready for work in the morning. The 24 hour tube might help out those living in London but it's still a bit of a faff.

Luckily for you, you can have a house party in your own house without having to suffer trying to clean up the morning afterwards with a nuclear hangover. On the 12th December, ASOS will be hosting the world's first online house parties, streamed around the globe, featuring a number of big name artists and DJs. ASOS will be streaming three house parties from Australia and North America, with the UK party kicking off at 6pm GMT, meaning you can keep the house party within the confines of your own bed!

The line-up for the night consists of Jessie Ware, IS TROPICAL, Mount Kimbie, and Eliphino, each performing exclusive live sets throughout the course of the night. Headliner Jessie Ware is set to provide a real treat for those watching, performing tracks from her hit debut album Devotion acoustically with the accompaniment of a string section, a first for her. There are also a number of dance-off competitions occurring through the night which partygoers can be the judges of through the interactive video stream.

Trying to retain the house party vibe, ASOS have spread the event over different rooms which you can switch to whenever you feel like it to see what's going on. The living room is the hub of the party, where the artists and DJs will perform their sets and where most of the fun will be. The kitchen is where you can see interviews with those artists while the bathroom is set aside for an Instagram competition to find the best party selfies of the night, a welcome change from having to stand in a queue for ages because you really need to go! New sets will be released throughout the night, but we've got it on good authority that the chances of "unlocking" a special set from Jessie Ware will be greatly increased as more people join the party!

Basically it sounds the perfect antidote to not wanting to leave your flat. It's too cold outside anyway. Grab your flatmates, grab some drinks, and let ASOS take care of the house party for you!

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