Not one to mince his words for any reason, Wiley has been outspoken in his distaste for music festivals and everything they stand for. Since his Twitter rant about Glasto earlier this summer ("Fuck them and their farm") his long-suffering manager either isn't listening or has been getting his own back.

Either way, a less than overjoyed Wiley rocked up to CockRock festival in Cockermouth, North Cumbria - hence the name - the latest in string of countryside, farm-based festivals in his schedule. Tweeting "[P]lease stop sending me to farms to peform [sic] please mate …I am a yardie man ffs wtf." We can only imagine the sight of another ladscape of rolling fields didn't take his fancy.

After spending just 15 minutes on stage attempting to warm up a frosty crowd he walked off to a shower of boos and general northern dissatisfaction.

Ever the optimist though, Wiley took the time to explain how his super short set was actually a good thing. "I Just earnt £1000 a min. Best job ever despite anything else."

Please for the love of gossip, send him to the Highland and Islands Music and Dance Festival next.